Flexible PV on vehicles

Flexible photo voltaic  (PV)  has the versitality to be seamlessly applied on vehicles. With its peel and stick concept or with its boundary fasteners, these PV can generate 300 to 1kW per hour of power depending on the size of the vehicles.

  1. High Efficiency
    Highest power per sq.m in flexible modules
  2. Light weight
    Does not effect the aerodynamics and least effected at high speeds
  3. Saves Energy
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  4. Flexible
    Takes the curves of the vehicle without extra load
  5. Low operational cost
    Low idle time during charge
  6. Powerful
    Charges from 25% to 95% in under 5 hours - Extends battery life
  1. Solar on cars and buses
    Solar on cars and buses
    Generate energy on the move or while parked in the sun. The limitless possibilities to harness the potential of PV
  2. Solar on refrigerated vans
    Solar on refrigerated vans
    Provide refrigeration through batteries powered from solar. Reduce dependency on fuel consumption, while generating power on the move.
  3. Solar on yacht
    Solar on yacht
    Harness Solar power on your yachts. Recharge house-systems battery to power onboard appliances
  4. Solar on carts
    Solar on carts
    Golf carts & electrical buggies can now reduce operation costs by improving battery life, reduce time at charging stations and use of generators.